HTI Code of Conduct

Codes of Conduct consists of guidelines that promote an efficient, effective, and comfortable learning environment for education. The policy applies to all of our students, and establishes expectations from both the student, and the institution. Violations of the Code of Practice will be addressed promptly. Students are encouraged to consult with appropriate personnel to clarify any misunderstandings. HTI looks forward to provide students with an excellent education.

  • No Tolerance Policy: HTI is a drug-free school zone. Drugs, or alcohol, are not tolerated, nor permitted anywhere on HTI premises. Possession, distribution, or use of alcohol and/or drugs on school grounds, will result in immediate dismissal from the institution. Hair Tech Institute prohibits any drugs, other than prescription drugs with proper medical documentation. Smoking is also prohibited in the building, or anywhere on HTI premises. There will be no additional warnings.
  • Dress Code: HTI requires that all of our students adhere to our dress code policy. The policy will generally list appropriate attire that satisfies the dress code for students attending HTI. Articles of clothing that are deemed acceptable, are slacks similar to Dockers, and other manufacturers of cotton or synthetic pants. Wool pants, dress pants, and/or capris, are also acceptable forms of clothing. Spandex, leggings, jeans, athletic apparel, and other form-fitting pants, are not acceptable forms of clothing. Students may also only wear black shirts, black sweaters, and/or black tops. Clothing with cap sleeves, cut-off sleeves, or spaghetti straps that expose the underarm are not acceptable by the Virginia State Board or HTI. Clothing that contains graphic designs, words, letters, pictures, or logos, other than HTI certified association, are not acceptable. Open toe shoes are not an acceptable form of footwear. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required for class and program participation. HTI also discourages students from wearing valuable jewelry during school hours. HTI is not responsible for any lost jewelry. Hair and makeup should also be done prior to the start of class to complement the professional appearance. Failure to comply with HTI dress code may result in disciplinary action.
    • Due to Virginia State Board Requirements, garments with cap sleeves, spaghetti straps or cut off sleeves that leave the underarm exposed and any open toe shoes are not acceptable attire. HTI is not responsible for lost jewelry and discourages students from wearing valuable jewelry during school hours.
  • Electronics: During class, cell phones and other electronic devices must remain off and in the assigned lockers. Cell phones may be used during break time, outside of the classroom, or off the school premises. Cell phones may NOT be used in the hallways, clinic area, classrooms, or any additional areas that cause disruption to students, employees, or clients.
  • Attendance and Class Participation: HTI opens at 9:30 AM each operating day. Students are permitted to clock-in at 9:45 AM and are expected to attend class on time and prepared. Students must stay in his/her assigned classroom and are not permitted to leave the classroom without informing the instructor. Failure to attend the assigned location will result in being clocked out and sent home. Students must contact instructors in advance when an unforeseen illness or absence will occur. It is the student's obligation to contact instructors for absences and make-up hours.
    • Students are expected to stay in their specific classroom and are not permitted to leave their classroom without informing their instructor. Students who are not in their assigned location will be clocked out and sent home.
    • As a structural safety measure implemented by HTI, relatives, friends, and/or clients, will only have access to strictly the clinic floors. Additional visitors who wish to attend or visit classrooms, must have an appointment or prior approval from a staff member. Our safety policy ensures the safety and health of our employees, students, clients, and visitors.
    • Students are expected to maintain a high level of Professionalism. The use of vulgar language is not acceptable in HTI, and a student will be sent home for such behavior.
  • Professional Duties and Disposition: At HTI, we believe students learn by experience. All students are required to perform client services. Refusal to do so will result in dismissal from class that day. Client service assignments are non-transferable. Students are responsible for maintaining and promoting a clean, safe classroom and clinic floor. Cleaning protocols and sanitization should occur immediately after work/class is finished. Instructors will be of assistance should any questions/concerns come up.
  • Client Customer Service: Our clients are paramount to our business. Lack of professionalism, thoroughness, and competency will not be tolerated. Students are expected to exhibit professional behaviors, practices, and disposition at all times. It is critical our students conduct themselves in appropriate, professional manners of a beauty industry provider. We are always working with clients on feedback experiences within our facility. Should any misconduct occur initiated by the student, the student will be temporary suspended from the clinic floor until improvements are evident. Professionalism is our most valued commitment at HTI.
  • Services: Services for clients are assigned based on skill level and current education completed. Student practical's may be performed on models, manikins, or clients. Additional practical's and education may be scheduled by an instructor's professional recommendation, and evaluation of a student. Friends, family, neighbors, etc., are required to pay in full amount for all services performed at HTI. Students may also receive services after approval from an instructor or employee. Students may not receive any services during class times. Students are to contact instructors or staff for service pricing.
    • Parking is available in the shopping center or on the street. HTI is not responsible for vehicles left in the parking lot unattended, for any damages to the vehicle, or for any valuables/contents left inside the vehicle.
  • Overtime hours: Students who are excessively tardy or absent, will be subject to pay for extended contracts to compete the required hours necessary for graduation.  It is the student's responsibility and obligation to keep record of educational hours. HTI charges $10 per overtime instructional hour, for students who exceed the contracted end date of his/her program.  Additional fines may also apply to students who require overtime hours to complete the program. As always, students are encouraged to consult with instructors to resolve any misunderstandings.

HTI was founded in 2018 by David Bakir, who as a salon owner, saw a lack in quality of education received by stylists applying for positions in his salons. With the desire to make a difference, David Bakir introduced HTI, a hybrid school which combines in-depth theory of all the necessary subjects with hands-on opportunity to begin a career in the beauty industry. If you’re serious about receiving a top-notch education, HTI is the place for you.